Community Chest

A project by The Rotary Club of Medway

The Rotary Club of Medway has decided that whilst they support a number of high profile charities, there are a large number of local charities, groups, and organisations in our own community that they did not know about, who if they received a relatively small sum of money it would be of real benefit and make the difference as to whether a project happened or not.

The club have therefore decided to invite applications from local charities, groups, projects, etc. in the Medway area that are there to serve the local community, to bid for sums of money up to a maximum value of £250.

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There are a few simple requirements which must be met to qualify for funding:

  • Applicants should be non-profit making. (If possible they should be a registered charity, or attached or associated to one)
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group
  • The request must be for a specific thing/s that they need such as equipment or trips
  • The money requested cannot be an addition to a larger fund, but must be for a specific item. (This can be a distinct part of a larger project)
  • The minimum funding is £50 and the maximum is £250 per grant

Once the applications have been received, a panel of Rotarians will look through and decide which groups will best benefit based on which causes they feel are most deserving and reflect the needs of the local community.

Community Chest application forms can be downloaded here.

Closing date for the receipt of completed forms is 14th April 2017.

Completed applications should be forwarded to Tony Rix at:

Tony Rix
Matrix House
The Spires
Maidstone, Kent
ME16 0JE
or emailed to

Successful applicants will be invited to send a representative to the Rotary Evening meeting on the 6th June 2017 to receive the award and will be expected to make a short presentation about their project.